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The Voice Inside Your Head

Being able to inspire within yourself, ask allah for assistance as musa [A.S] when allah spoke to him on the mount of toor e sinai saying and allah said to him i am your lord go to pharaoh. The first dua musa makes is

قَالَ رَبِّ اشْرَحْ لِي صَدْرِي

Oh allah open my heart, meaning allow me to believe in myself. Put in my self-confident.
Because how you speak to yourself, what you say to yourself really matters, what you say to yourself when other people are around you really matters. It gives you the ability to have a greater self-esteem, self-confidence.

To carry yourself in a more positive way to be able to face challenges and be able to cross through them. That you recognize that no one is to be feared more than allah. No one is to be loved more than allah. And that whatever happens will happen with the knowledge of allah [S.W.T] .

So three things that become really important as you speak to yourself in your mind. Have you ever had that moment. Where you know you might have had an argument with someone?
And after the argument’s done and they left you say to yourself, you know i should have said and then it comes to you what you should tell if i had said that it would have, you know put an end to it.

Subhan allah, that inner dialogue of hypercorrection. Where you correct that what you’re going to do in the future. So it’s almost as if you say, well, if this ever happens again, this argument happens again. I know what i’m going to say and i know how to respond.

That’s a very important learning technique and learning tool for you to use in your life. So when you make a mistake, inside yourself, have that very first important step of correcting your behavior, hyper correction that say, hey, i know i did this but i shouldn’t do it and i’m gonna not do this again. That you make a promise within your heart, that this isn’t something that I’m going to do in fact Allah gives us the example of prophet ibrahim in the quran when his father says come and worship these idols with us.

He looked up into the heavens and he said, no, i don’t want to do this i’m not feeling well dad i’m not gonna go out with you. He avoided the mistake of that shirk and he stayed home, right ?

So allah [s.W.T] you know he thought of how to avoid it he talked himself through, it it’s important for you to talk to yourself after a mistake to help you recover from it.

Number two from the important things about your inner dialogue is believe you can if if in your heart, you say i can then you have a chance at achieving it you might not achieve it but if you already have decided if you’ve already said inside yourself.

I can’t do this then there’s no reason to even try. The reason is because if you’ve already defeated yourself, that thing is going to defeat you. You have to always approach things with that i can attitude,

And number three is to have a growth mindset. That whatever stumbles whatever mistakes,
Whatever sins, whatever rights and wrongs that i’ve done. All of it is a part of the story of my life and i’m growing as a result of it. That whatever i did as a mistake. I’m gonna correct it, and i’m gonna grow because of it, and if i didn’t, you know, learn how to do it. In the first time the second time, the third time, even if it’s a hundred times, i will eventually get there.

How you speak to yourself matters and how you speak to yourself negatively matters. So if you say, hey nobody’s going to find out, i’m just going to do it. Nobody can see me. I’m going to take it. If you speak to yourself negatively it’s what encourages you to do the wrong, try to restrict that negative discussion hearing that discussion is not simply the shaitaan.

But it is in fact the inclination and the desire of your soul to do haram, and allah warns us in the quran in the nephs you’re inside, it can push you towards doing bad things, if you don’t counter it and if you don’t speak against it and if you don’t say against the inner desire, the inner discussions, the inner dialogue that we have with ourselves, help me against myself, oh allah that i can stay away from what is haram.

Repeat that dua with me oh Allah help us against ourselves allahumma ameen.

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