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Sometimes The Heart Is Eager To Worship And Other Times Its Not

My brothers and sisters in Islam on Umar (RA) said that the heart, sometimes it has a drive and a motivation and passion to worship Allah subhanhu wa taala. And at other times it has it the belt, it gets into a state of there is no more drive, there’s no passion. There’s no motivation to worship, it’s turned away altogether. Subhan Allah, and this is each and every single one of us.

At times, we find passion to worship Allah azza wa jal, and at times, we don’t have that passion and we don’t have that drive. We are turned away and we’re lazy. So what do we do?

Umar Radiyallahu anhu he said, When you find passion, and when you find eagerness and willingness to worship, then do not only perform the obligations, but add to them the voluntary deeds. so fast as many days as you can when there is this eagerness pray the Sunnah prayers before and after the obligatory prayers, pray some of the night, read as much Quran as you can engage in Tasbih with Dhikr and all the voluntary deeds that you know.

And when the heart does not have this drive and passion and eagerness to worship, when it’s into a state of it, belt, it’s turned away, then at those moments, at least, you do your obligations, at least you pray your five daily prayers, and you don’t and you have to add to the obligations now until once again, that energy is restored in your heart that drive is restored once again.

And you go back to your program of doing the obligations and the voluntary deeds. For we ask Allah subhanhu wa Taala to grant us the ability that we remain consistent in our worship.

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