Sayed Kamaluddin Zafree

Sayed Kamaluddin Zafree Life History

Sayed Kamaluddin ‘Abdullah Zafree

Sayed Kamaluddin Abdullah Zafree (born 5 March 1945) is an Islamic scholar from Bangladesh. He is the chairman of the board of trustees of Bangladesh Islami University (BIU).

KamalUddin zafree Earlylife and Education

Sayed Kamaluddin Abdullah Zafree born 5th March 1945 In bhola district of bangladesh. He graduated from Dhaka Alia Madrasah and learned Classical Arabic at Makkah Ummul Qura University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

KamalUddin Zafree Career

Jamea Quasemia Kamil Madrasa Narshingdi was established in 1976. It’s his first institution. It is now counted one of the most popular madrasas in Bangladesh.
He founded a number of educational institutions (amongst them several schools, madrasahs, an orphanage, a college and a university). The most recent addition to this was Bangladesh Islamic University (BIU).

A non-profit Islamic University was founded in 2006. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bangladesh Islamic University.

KamalUddin Zafree has been involved in the Da’wah sector for over 40 years. He works for the word of Islam through the Holy Quran and the true Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh). He’s given hundreds of seminars across the globe. All of them are available on CDs and DVDs. The countries he visited include Saudi Arabia, the USA, France, Germany, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Greece, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, the UAE, Malaysia and several more.

KamalUddin Zafree International Career

Shaykh Zafree has also been involved in the Islamic economy for almost two decades. He has played a major role in finding solutions to the problems faced by the first Islamic Bank in Southeast Asia – Islamic Bank Bangladesh Limited. He is the Chairman of the Central Shari’ah Board of Islamic Insurance in Bangladesh and a member of the Central Shari’ah Council of Islamic Banks in Bangladesh. Around a dozen Islamic financial institutions in Bangladesh and the United Kingdom, including banks and insurance firms.

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