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If You’ve Got Hurt By Someone You Love

Do This If You’ve Got Hurt By Someone You Love | Nouman Ali Khan
Allah forgives whoever he wants. Allah owns whatever he has whatever is in the skies whatever is he forgives whoever he wants. He is extremely forgiving loving merciful.

And what we do if someone hurt us? What have you done, i haven’t forgiven you. So i know Allah won’t forgive you. Because until i forgive you, i know Allah won’t forgive you.

When you do that, what are you negating and what do you think is going to happen on judgment day when nobody can speak? You’re gonna be like excuse me Allah, you’re about to forgive this person but i haven’t forgiven them yet so can you let them at least one weekend in the barbecue before? Because i have an issue. You think you’re going to be concerned about raising an issue about somebody else?
And do you think you think on judgment day somebody will feel like, i don’t know how he got away i’m still mad. How can they get away?

Some people live in the anxiety that someone who has done them wrong might be forgiven on judgment day because they’ve changed. They have this anxiety this person changed but i didn’t forgive them so why? It’s not fair Allah is going to forgive them they got away with it. That even to the prophet of Allah, Allah told the prophet saws you’re a slave act like it, be a slave. Forgiveness and punishment is not yours it’s whose it’s Allah’s, stop thinking you have a say in it for anyone else, let it go because that’s part of being a slave. Its the matter of Allah, his matter is with Allah, it’s not your problem because you yourself and i myself are slaves of Allah and so are they.

If they’ve done wrong to me, firstly if they’ve done wrong to me they’ve first done wrong to Allah because Allah told them not to do wrong to me. So they haven’t before someone commits a crime against me they’ve already committed a crime against Allah and Allah is way more offended than i am and Allah is way more just than i am. So instead of me thinking I’m going to teach Allah how justice is going to work on judgment day. Which by the way Allah asks this question in the Quran:

49:16 Say, “Would you acquaint Allah with your religion while Allah knows whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth, and Allah is Knowing of all things?

You want to teach Allah should work? This is this like anxiety of making sure someone pays takes us so far, we start questioning the wisdom and the justice of Allah and we stop forgetting that we’re slaves of Allah. Honestly, honestly it’s scary to me, it can be rooted in pain. I get it you were wronged, i was wrong we were rooted in pain but you cannot allow that pain to turn you into a Pharaoh. You cannot allow that pain to project some kind of authority on judgment day. That is too far, don’t do it to yourself. It’ll destroy you spiritually, it’ll just destroy you.

Whether Allah forgives them or not Allah knows their deal better than you and me. I know one thing Allah will never be unfair to me. Allah will heal the hearts of a believing people. Is that enough for me to hear Allah will heal the hearts? Yeah. You’re like I don’t want my heart healed, I like this pain and I enjoy this. No, some people, they’re addicted to the pain and they’re like I want to feel the sensation of getting revenge. I’m waiting for that high I need it.

Guess who needs to see someone else suffer, who has that need? Who’s the first one who needs to see someone suffer? You know Shaitan has caused so much more suffering than any one of us could a human being can only do so much wrong. Shaitan has been doing wrong since age-old right. So my hate my desire to see Shaitan suffer should be stronger than my desire to see anyone else suffer.

But i never make dua ya Allah do this to him i just say Allah protect me from his evil. Why because what is going to do who’s going to deal with him. That’s Allah I’m not gonna stand over and say yeah Allah burn him good. Yeah, right there yeah that spot that he cried extra on that spot. Wait where did you get this from? There’s this insatiable thirst for revenge an exacting pain on someone else. You know justice is you know we should want justice this is it’s a human nature to want justice but you just have to rely on first of all if there’s worldly means to see justice do it and if there’s no worldly means to seek justice then Allah is more just.

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