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Disease of the Heart – Mufti Menk

Like I said, healing the heart is not only, when someone’s let you down or expectation was too much. And you know what, you were let down not only that, it’s got to do with the diseases of the heart. What are these diseases?

As much as Jealousy is a disease of the heart, you jealous? Why?
Oh, you see someone you say, Oh, wow, you know, you start thinking to yourself, how can this be taken away from that person?

Why do you do that Allah gave them,
Jealousy is one of the biggest sins because it eats away your good deeds in the same way that a fire would eat away a dry log. Why?
Because Allah gave them and you have a problem with Allah.

If Allah gave you something, your identity, your looks, your height, perhaps your texture, your hair type, whatever it may be. Love it. Love yourself how you are, it will help your heart solidify. When I say solidify, I mean, being strengthened. That’s what I mean.

Love yourself how you are looking at yourself in the mirror, with your blemishes with your pimples with the few hairs on your nose, and a few eye bags It’s okay. I love myself the way Allah made me.
As soon as you learn to love yourself, the way Allah made you, you are liberated. true liberation. Why?
I don’t need to fake it, to be in the presence of someone else. I don’t. That’s it. So many of us don’t realize we’re enslaved.

We need to fake it before we can even talk to people. I need to look like someone. I’m not really looking like it’s not even me. I told people. And I’m sorry to say this, my beloved sisters, you know, we’re full of love. But at the same time, the tooth sometimes bites, it bites a little bit.

People were arguing with me, is it permissible to put makeup on not, Wallahi there is a scope of permissibility with certain regulations and rules, it’s there, but sometimes to get carried away such that your face recognition doesn’t pick up who it is, then you have a problem.

Then you have a problem. It says face recognition apple and you’re just looking at it. Then you got to wipe your face a bit and come back again. Okay, so you had to tone down a little bit you had to come down a little bit why even your phone’s telling. It’s a bit much. It’s a bit much.

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