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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do This Ramadan

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do This Ramadan! – Eye Opening. Things not do in ramadan.

Too Early

Many people, they skip their sohor, some people they have an early sohor that is. They have the sohor one or two hours before the fajr time. In fact sohor is a blessing. Every muslim should have it and the prophet said.
We should delay the sohor as much as possible we shouldn’t have it till just before the fajr time.

Feast Instead Of Fast

When ramadan comes along, some people act as if a food festival has come to town. We have this type of food, and that type, and this appetizer and that. And ramadan is actually a month of fasting. That means, that the month is not about eating. The month is actually about feeding, feeding the needy people, putting in the effort.

The prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam said, whoever feeds a fasting person gets the reward of that fasting person, with the same reward without taking away from that fasting person, so this ramadan.

Don’t focus so much on attending all these food festivals. Focus on feeding the needy.

Too Late

The third mistake committed by muslims in this category. Is that they delay opening their fast, they delay the iftar, and our prophet muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam said, that the people will be good as long as they hasten in breaking the iftar. That means, immediately after sunset. They should break the iftar.

Iftaar After Parties

If our parties are actually a very very good thing as long as some conditions are met. It’s very good because alhamdulillah in the month of ramadan, you feed someone and subhanallah. You get the reward of every single person that you have fed, and so. I always say, you know, iftar parties are actually good as long as the other acts of worship, for example our taraweeh prayer or maghreb prayer or isha prayer, they’re not suffering because of the iftar party. Or subhanallah one of the problems with iftar parties is that sometimes we will commit sins during this iftar party.

This subhanallah goes against the whole spirit of the month of ramadan where we are supposed to cut out all sins. Obviously we cut out all sins in the whole year, but especially where we work extra hard in the month of ramadan.

So make sure that. Yeah, have the iftar party alhamdulillah make the intention that you’re feeding your brothers and sisters. Make the intention that you’re bringing people together. Make the intention that you are encouraging one another to do goodness and all that are great reasons to have iftar parties. But just make sure that the iftar party is not causing you. Like i said. To delay your maghrib or not pray ishaa or delay your taraweeh or not pray taraweeh at all.

Fast & Be Furious

One important thing that i’ve been witnessing lately is that people are unable to manage their anger. Now it’s like they have a short temper or something or it’s because they can’t have their cigarette or their coffee.
So they just release their anger and become very furious at you and make you feel like it’s the end of the world. Allahu akbar, now how can we solve this issue?

We can solve this issue by knowing that, when you do not control your anger in Ramadan. What happens?

You are wounding your fast up. I’m not saying that it’s not accepted. It may be accepted. But you’re wounding it up. Just like when you bring a man. And you start smacking him around until he has bruises all over his face and you see the blood everywhere and all that.

Same thing with fasting. When you fast and you start getting angry at everybody, you are wound in your fasting up. Here in this case we say, hold up! Hold up! Stop it, calm down! Relax,

أعوذُ بِٱللَّهِ مِنَ ٱلشَّيۡطَٰنِ ٱلرَّجِيمِ

Say, i seek refuge with allah from the devil, the devil, the shaitan,

Messed Up Priorities

During the month of ramadan. You will find the masjids completely packed out during taraweeh prayers. Which is amazing, but then, during the five daily prayers, you will notice the masjids are nowhere near as packed. Unfortunately, many people have mixed up their priorities. The farth obligatory five daily prayers have been put below the sunnah taraweeh prayers.

Although nobody can deny the importance of the taraweeh prayers, which comes with an abundance of rewards and blessings. The five daily prayers will always be greater and above all the sunnah or optional prayers. So please,
Do not neglect your obligations this month.

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