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When Imam Mahdi and Dajjal Will Come TO Earth ? Part 2

What happens after Imam Mahdi has come ?

Part 1

Even if one day remains for this world (to come to an end) Allah will prolong that day until he sends a man from my progeny (sons). His name shall be (like) my name. (Hadith 4282 of the promised deliverer by Sunan Abu Dawood)

SubhanAllah I’m jumping the gun but write this down anyone who says he’s the man you know his life from the Hadith, anyone who claims in the basement of his mother’s house while he’s giving lectures on YouTube I am the Mahdi you know he is a liar.

Right then and there the Mahdi will not want to be the Mahdi but people will force it on him. The people who say we don’t have a choice you our leader we want you to be and he will not want to accept it.
He will find himself having no other choice except to do it grudgingly. And that is why anyone who begins to tell the people come to me I am the Mahdi and he has two people five people ten people he is a liar by the text of the hadith.

No Mahdi will claim to be the Mahdi telling you to come and give Bayat to him. That is going to happen from the people the people will love him the people will respect him because of his Akhlakh not because the Mahadi is saying I am the man.
So this hadith mentions a very important concept that the Mahdi is from Medina born and raise. One day he shall overcome a change he’ll become a righteous person .
Most likely this is now we are reading in most likely certain political calam its will be taking place and the rulers of their times will know that this person is a threat to us,

Why we do not know maybe in his ancestry with somebody. maybe rumors are spreading he’s The Mahdi don’t know but the rulers will say this man is a threat.
So the man will become scared flee for his life he will not have an army alone single-handedly. He will run towards Mecca fleeing towards Mecca.

Why Mecca ?

because according to our Sharia when you enter Makkah no one is allowed to hurt you. Even if you are a criminal in our Sharia when you enter Makkah nobody can touch you. you’re under the protection of Allah subhana WA Ta’ala so the Mahdi will flee to Makkah wanting a lot to protect him.

Then what will happen ?

The next Hadidth Aisha said that, the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa salam one day he grew restless because he had a dream and then he said I saw something in my dream that made me Restless he is telling Aisha. It was wondrous amazing strange I saw that a group of people from my own Ummah they were attacking the Kaaba.
And they reached the land called Al Baidah, Al Baidah if you go to Haram Mecca Medina you know a Ajyad ?
you know Ajyad hospital ?
Ajyad road ?
before it is Baidah.

When Imam Mahdi and Dajjal Will Come TO Earth ? Part 2
When Imam Mahdi and Dajjal Will Come TO Earth ? Part 2

How Do we Know Mahdi Has Come ?

If you’re going to Makkah from Ajyad direction, before you get to Ajyad you will go through the land of Baidah or the valley of Al Baidah.
So the Prophet SAW some said they will go through Al Baidah and Allah will cause the earth to open up and the whole army will come crashing and be destroyed.

  • This hadith is where?
    Bukhari and Muslim.
  • Does it mention the Mahdi ?
    no mention.
  • What does it mention ?
    an army of Muslims.
  • is attacking the Kaba, why would the army of Muslims attack the Kaaba ?
    go back to the last hadith in Abu Dawood which is not in Bukhari or Muslim a man from Medina shall flee the Mahdi shall flee seek refuge in the Kaaba.

And the people will give him Biyath. So then we add this hadith the governments of the time will become terrified.
Who is this political agitator ?
Send in the troops, the army will be destroyed by Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala.
This by the way when this happens this is the sign the Mahdi has come until that happens nobody can claim to be the Mahdi. Anybody who claims to be the man he is lying. Because even the Mahdi himself was I no no it can’t be me I’m not good enough. He will deny it and this is what true leadership does.

True leadership they don’t want to be leaders this is what the real leader does. So the Mahdi will grudgingly take the Baiyath the army will be sent when the army is destroyed by Allah this is the sign everybody now knows this is the Mahdi.
Until that happens please brothers and sisters don’t be fooled by the sweet talk of the sweet talkers. Don’t be fooled by the tongue of the vipers there is no Mahdi. That will preach he is the Mahdi when Allah shows the sign then we will all know that this person is indeed the Mahdi.

Who will attack Makkah ?

And what is the phrase and none shall attack the Kaaba except its own people. This is a blessing from Allah and a sadness to us. The blessing from Allah no non-muslim army will ever attack Mecca. Alhamdulillah. This is a blessing from Allah let all these Islamophobes give their false memes and threats.
What not no non-muslim army will ever even attempt to attack Maccah ? This is not going to happen as long as there are Muslims in this world, Makkah will never be attacked by non-muslims.

Makkah Will be Destroyed ?

its own Ahil will attack Makkah so the Prophet SW predicted no one shall attack Makkah except its own people. And this is sadness for us but at least some comfort that externally Allah will protect the Kaaba. Until there are no Muslims left in the earth. When there are no Muslims left then what’s going to happen ?
There shall an army from Ethiopia that will come and destroy the Kaaba.
When there are no more Muslims this is towards the end of times. Before the actual trumpet is blown and that is towards the end of times.

Major Signs before the Day of Judgement (Qiyamah)

After the Muslims have disappeared from earth of the characteristics of the Mahdi as well is that he shall be the leader of the entire Muslim Ummah.
And this is an amazing phenomenon the likes of which we have not seen since the times of early Islam. Hadith goes as follows judgment will not happen until the Romans in camp at a land called Dabiq.
Which is a small village in Syria. Until the Romans camp at a land called Dabiq and an army will come from Medina.

Who are the best of the people in the earth and they will face this army from Rome in the village of Dabiq and it mentions the great Armageddon and then the hadith goes on. I’m not going to go into all of it it basically mentions until this army will then go towards Constantinople and conquer Constantinople.
Now this hadith is very problematic for all commentators of our times. Nobody has a clear understanding of what this hadith means and how can we ?

What is constantinople ?

istanbul, what does it mean they’re gonna conquer Constantinople ?
Allahul Alim does it mean that it will go back into non-muslim hand ?
does it mean that allahul Alim, what does it mean ?
We have no idea but this hadith mentions that army of Mahdi which is going from Medina which armies living from an eye towards the end of times. Is the army of the Mahdi. It will fight the Armageddon it will be successful. It will continue fighting until finally it will conquer Qistantiniya. Which is Constantinople. So we have and this is a Sahih Muslim that’s authentic and the other hadith Jerusalem which is theropathi which is not authentic.

Caracter Of Imam Mahdi .

Put together it appears we form some type of narrative the army of the Mahdi will unify the Muslim world. It appears we can make a tentative hypothesis it’s tentative is not explicit the army of the mass. Deep will unify the Muslim world and there shall be peace and justice and point in time will be of the greatest periods known to Islamic history.

Our Prophet saw praised the Mahdi in a number of a hadith and he said and this is one of those a hadith at is in Sahih Muslim so it is an authentic hadith. The word Mahdi is not mentioned. The Prophet SAW said towards the end of times there shall be a Khalifa who shall give money to the poor and he won’t even count it he’s praising.

It’s gonna be generous and another hadith that towards the end of times. Can you imagine a time when he said Isa ibn Maryam will come down from the heavens, this hadith is in Muslim and your Imam is from amongst you. ISA will come down at fajr time and he will be asked by the Imam come leads salah, and Issa will say no the iqama was called for you . So he will be led by one of you as an honor to this Ummah. This hadith is in sahih Muslim it is authentic.

  • Does it mention the word Mahdi ? No.
  • What does it mention ?
    This is one of the most authentic hadith about the concept of The Mahdi.
  • Who will have the honor that Isa will come down and he is the Imam ?
  • Who will have the honor that Issa will pray behind somebody from our ummah ?
  • That’s what the person said he will be from our ummah and Isa will pray behind him ?
  • who is that person he is none other than the Mahdi .

So the concept of the Mahdi is found in Bukhari and Muslim without the term Mahdi but the term Mahdi is found in every single other book in another hadith also in Abu Dawood.
We learned that the my initial rule for seven years and the authentic hadith it says he shall rule for seven years so I have a time frame as well that the Mahdi will be powerful the Mahdi will not be alive because he’s gonna be alive for many years. But he will rule for seven years so he will establish his authority his Dominion and he will rule for seven years.

We also learned and this hadith as well as a Muslim so this is another one of those a hadith that mentions them at the indirectly we also learned that there shall be a great war taking place and the Muslims will be successful. Then a rumour will be spread that that Dajjal has come out so their Imam will take the army to try to find Dajjal but it will be found that the rumor is not true. when they have found the rumor is not true then Dajjal will come at that point in time.
So we learn from this again the word Mahdi doesn’t come.

We learn from this, when will the Maddy come ?
before Dajjal. The Mahdi is the last of the minor signs that links to the major signs. Now you understand why. The Mahdi is the last of the minor signs that links to the major signs .

Imam Mahdi Can Kill The Dajjal ?

In the time of the Mahdi Dajjal will come. The Muslims will attempt to fight Dajjal back and forth.

Will they be successful? no. No one can kill Dajjal not even the Mahdi. Who can kill Dajjal ? Only one and that is Isa ibn Mariyam. But what will the Mahdi do ?
The Mahdi will provide peace and stability for the people with him those that are with the Mahdi. Some protection will be given some safety will be there and there will be running and fighting in various places. Many will die Shaheed but the group will still be there until the hadith mentions inside Muslim this one that this army will be in Dumascas in Damisq.

Where And When Isa (as) Will Come ?

They will be praying in the Umayyad Mosque, the hadith says with the white minaret and pretty much by unanimous consensus the white minaret is the minaret that was built one of the earliest messages that is still standing today and being used today. The Umayyad mosque built by Abdul malik IBN Marwan 1350 years old the same structure continuous Masjid.
He built it with a beautiful white minaret perhaps not even knowing the hadith and the hadith mentions that the Muslims will pray in Damascus in front of the white minaret. And as the Ikama is given for salatal Fajr they will see ISA coming down holding on to two angels.

He will come down they will pause fajr until he comes down. you don’t have to ask identity when somebody comes from the heavens okay. It’s pretty obvious who that person’s going to be. you don’t have to wonder already that Dajjal has come already. Things have happened they’re waiting for him to come they’re literally waiting.

When Isa are gonna come. so they’re there in Damascus waiting waiting waiting when he comes they know exactly who it is. So as soon as he comes down the Imam your Imam will offer him the salah and he will say no the Akama was given for you. You go ahead and lead. After this there is no mention of the Mahdi.

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