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Most 3 Important Things Your Wife NEEDS From You!!!

What is the primary need that a woman wants from her husband.
what’s the primary emotion?
That is the continual love and the continual enveloping of that attention that the husband always makes his wife is priority. the husband always shows his wife that I’m thinking about you I’m caring about you i.e. I will always love you.

To feel that love to feel cherishment they need to be constantly reassured that their husbands love them, that their husbands always take them as number one always, if women could get away with it they want to want ,to be put on the pedestal and the husband just looks at them all day and night and that would be great for them right they want to be number one in their husband’s lives so their one constant reassurance that the husband always loves them now brothers listen to this wives do not take your love for granted you take your wives loss for granted you don’t need your wife to constantly reassure you that you love me you love me no you take it for granted

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